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Horse Training: Train A Horse For Tomorrow

Horse Training: Train A Horse For Tomorrow
 by: Andy Curry
Do Your Horse Training For Tomorrow
Ever hear something and youthought to yourself, "Now that'sprofound!"
The statement was "Always trainfor tomorrow!"
I've heard it said many a time but for some reason it really hit me.
Sometimes that happens. You canhear something over and over but there'sthat one day when it makes a big impact.
I wonder why that is?
Where did I hear it? From SamBurrell.
I'm finishing up with Sam Burrellwho is our featured trainer for the January Super Stars Of Horse Training.
Sam is one of our favorite horsetrainers at
And that one gold nugget of wisdom and many others are part of his golden chestof knowledge he willingly shared on one of our horse training videos.
Anyway, what he meant by it wasthis.
Don't ask too much from your horse.Get even a tiny try or understanding from your horse.
Let him sleep on it for "tomorrow."
When you come back the next day and work with him you'd swear he was up all night studyin'and practicing it.
How true.
You have to realize what you just read may sound simple...and it is. But itis a very powerful and important horse trainingprinciple.
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